The Sip & Stitch – A Ladies Afternoon of High Tea & Conversations

The best projects are ones that we dream up just for fun. The Sip & Stitch invitations were no exception. As a designer and printer, the sky’s the limit! So, it’s always good to design within parameters. The simpler the better.

These invitations were letterpress printed from handset metal and wood type from our amazing collection. I limited the paper to whatever scraps I had laying around the shop. Some clients prefer to leave off the decal edge of cotton paper, so we got to salvage the beautiful offcuts and use them on these bookmark invitations. For the bookmark string we used gorgeous yarns leftover from scarves and baby hats. Each invite was signed, numbered, sealed, and hand delivered to as many guests as we could.

I’m grateful for the design and printing assistance from my wonderful letterpress apprentices:
Kristine Lynch, Bethany Hugins, and Stephanie Laursen.

We’re honored to have wonderful creative friends and fans. Thank you, Cozbi for such amazing photographs of our beautiful afternoon! See her photography at

Sip & Stitch Bookmark Letterpress Invitation

Sip & Stitch Bookmark Letterpress Invitation

Entry Table

Flowers everywhere

Wood frame repurposed to show off some sailing images we love.

Gloria & Erin (Co-Host)

Letterpress Goodies on display.

Shandi my fabulous party co-host!

Everyone brought their favorite teacup.

Lemons, Honey, and Cream!

Even the laundry room was tidy for the event.

There were plates of food in every nook and cranny all over the house.

Favorite letterpress books on top of the piano.

This here lady is a amazing friend. She volunteered and came the day before to scrub the bathrooms, dust, and wipe down walls! You can't ask for better friends.

Rebecca Mullins & Matilda (The little Co-host)

It wouldn't truly be High Tea without cucumber sandwiches of course.

Tea stained letterpress keepsakes of the event for the guests.

Katie's Dunkers Bischochos ...absolutely wonderful and perfect for dunking in tea. They are called the Original Ship's Biscuit and were made for long voyages across the sea. Available in select shops in West Seattle. Made by Erin, my co-host.

Good conversations.

From Left: Jenny, Cozbi (Photographer), Tina, and Rebecca Mullins (Party Host)

To see Cozbi’s blog post of our party, visit:


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