We aim to simplify the branding process as much as possible for our clients. Our goal in creating a brand is to trigger an appropriate emotional response in their audience. Regardless of the size of your audience, or the budget, if you can change your approach and communicate through strong emotional messaging, then your business will continue to grow and your customers will be all the more loyal. Our job is to work with you on the strategy that goes into these ideas before we even pick up the pencil to start designing your identity, business stationery and marketing pieces.

We understand that launching a new venture or reinventing an old one can be a daunting challenge, and a very costly one. Most of our our clients are on limited budgets and we are happy to go over a tailored package that fits within their needs. We feel that starting off with a branding questionnaire for all our clients gives us a full understanding of you and your goals as well as your customer’s needs. This also aids in narrowing down the project direction and keeps both parties objective through the entire creative process.

The best approach to establishing a new brand starts with developing all the printed pieces. First, an identity (logo, trademark, or logotype) followed by business stationery, marketing materials, business documents, packaging, and lastly, the website.

Since print design is our passion, we happily work with a knowledgeable team of web designers and developers for clients wish to bring their ideas to life on the web. We spend a good portion of our day on the computer and the internet and understand the value of having the world at your fingertips. It’s just that we love the feel of paper under our fingertips better! So, we leave the web to those that prefer a keyboard under theirs.

Our specialty is branding for clients whose vision begins with the desire to print letterpress. Of course, we’d love it if every client could print letterpress, but we understand that cost can be prohibitive in most cases. Therefore, we work with various local and online offset or digital printers that are best suited to print large quantities at a more cost effective price point.

To learn more about working with us on a branding or design project, you can contact us anytime.